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Our Story

Here’s our story of how Studio 22 evolved and how we decided on the name.

During the year 2009, before this building and Studio 22 Salon & Spa existed, there was a house on the lot at 3765 Chili Avenue.
Twice a week, I drove by this house while taking my son to soccer at Black Creek park . As I drove by, I envisioned how I renovate it and turn it into a hair salon and spa. My husband thought I was crazy .He said, “Do you have any idea what it would take and cost to do something like that? That house needs so much work and we are not handy people!” His words went in one ear and out the other. I didn’t want to listen to what he was saying. I had a dream and a vision of what it could be!

In 2010, I drove by the house where it sat empty, my hopes, dream and vision increased. I noticed there were construction vehicles sitting idle on the lot. At that very moment, I realized the house of my dreams was going to be demolished. Reality set in and my dream and vision was taken.

Time went on, my oldest son John graduated from Shear Ego Barber School. He was eager to get his career started. I heard there was an established barber shop on the east side of town and the owner was soon to retire and wanted to sell.

We researched and contacted a realtor. The barber shop was still growing and the owner wanted to train my son John and offered for him to take his clientele. I thought this would be perfect for him and his future. I could work there servicing my existing clientele. We had met with the owner several times, but the interest wasn’t there, something just didn’t feel right.

I was so disappointed and discouraged because my dream seemed to be getting further and further away. If you know me, I am not a quitter and I don’t give up very easily.

On a hectic fall day, and pressed for time, I wanted to get my kids an after school snack to hold them over until I made dinner. I remember stopping in a pizzeria shop to get a couple of slices but they were all out. I went further down the road and I pulled into Cordellos Pizza. Cordellos Pizza was located directly across the street from the now- empty lot where my dream house and vision once stood.

As I got into my car started it, paused, facing the empty lot and looking at the empty lot, I was feeling regretful. I wished that I had purchased and renovated that house. I closed my eyes and in complete silence, I prayed to God. I asked Him where he wanted to take me in life. I quoted the scripture Proverbs 3:6 and I asked God to direct my step, to guide me and show me where He wants me and what He wants from me. I felt a sense of peace and started to drive home.

In 2011, my husband came home from work and said, “get in the car, I want to show you something, that I saw.” “Okay”, I replied. I truly had no idea or inclination of where were going. We started driving in the direction of the empty lot. He proceeded to pull into the lot where there was a sign and the blueprint drawings of Creekside Commons. It said “Coming Soon”!

I called the number that was listed on the sign and met with the builder, Lou Bivone, who is now my landlord and friend. We set up a meeting to discuss what he had to offer and future plans. Instantly, I felt comfortable, he was trust worthy and he reminded me of my father. My father was an honest, family-oriented man. As we discussed the lease and what was needed to make my dream come true, I knew that this was going to take a huge leap of faith, enormous sacrifice and commitment.

I wasn’t thinking about everything that was involved. At the time, I was working part-time and caring for my sick father. I shared my thoughts and plans with my father. I could see in his eyes that he was a little disappointed because I would be taking care of him less and would be working more. My father was a selfless man. He sat me down and spoke these words to me, “I think you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Be an example to your children. Teach them to take chances and not to be afraid to take chances in life”. After getting the green light from him, I still felt very conflicted. I got cold feet and almost backed out. Lou met with me and shared his success stories. He really inspired me and encouraged me to move forward. I knew that this was going to be a future for my son and myself . We are both very passionate about the industry and we love helping people in general. I felt confirmation that this was an answer to my prayer and that God was directing my path.

As plans started to take place, I was seeing the number 22 everywhere. I started to question why. It was a favorite spiritual number with significant meaning, but that’s a whole other story! I use to pray the scripture Proverbs 22:6 "train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he won’t depart from it." I thought maybe it could be a reminder and that’s why I was seeing this number. Anyways, I originally wanted to name my business Serenity salon, but unfortunately, there was another salon with that name in the town of Spencerport.

As things were moving along, we met with attorneys, bank lenders etc. some of the appointments were canceled and rescheduled. All appointments wound up on the 22nd of different months. Because of this, I thought to myself, can this be a coincidence or confirmation that this salon should be named Studio 22. I felt it in my heart. After it was named, I learned the meaning of the number 22. The number 22 is considered to be one of the most powerful numbers, able to turn all dreams and desires into reality.

The number 22 is a number of precision and balance. It is the Master Builder which provides the power to achieve almost impossible things! It was crystal clear confirmation of how Studio 22 found its perfect name!

On January 11, 2012 Studio 22 Salon & Spa opened its doors and we began! We have many family, friends and customers to thank for all the love and support given throughout the years. If we were to close our doors today, I would walk away with a heart filled of blessings and gratitude . We have met the most incredible people who have fulfilled our lives. There has been so many friendships made. We have touched, as many hearts, as we have heads.

Thank you for giving us 10+ wonderful years of enhancing your natural beauty!! We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you!!

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